Cover of Tree Riesener's book Sleepers Awake

Tree Riesener

"Sometimes an oil slick in the street is just a pretty oil slick, and sometimes it’s like a stained-glass window you can look through into heaven."

                       from "The BVM," a short story in 

                       Sleepers Awake.

poetry and prose

Winner of numerous literary prizes for poetry and prose, including the Eludia Award of Hidden River Arts, Tree Riesener is the author of Sleepers Awake, The Hubble Cantos, Angel Fever, Inscapes, Angel Poison and Liminalog.

Cover of Tree Riesener's book The Hubble Cantos

Sleepers Awake:"In this sometimes comic, sometimes disquieting, always engaging story collection, Tree Riesener blends a wild narrative drive with a poet's precision with language. These stories view the sacred, the profane, and the seemingly ordinary through a wonderfully warped lens. The result is both delightful and discomforting-an impressive achievement through and through."

-David Hallock Sanders, founding director of Writing Aloud, Philadelphia


The Hubble Cantos: "Every joyful, mesmerising poem in Tree Riesener’s The Hubble Cantos is an absolute trip fantastic. This book will turn you into a cosmonaut in your living room, an eavesdropper of interstellar intimacies and a giddy drifter through strangely familiar galaxies. Welcome aboard! The Hubble Cantos is your spaceship to the stars."
—Ivy Alvarez, author of Disturbance